Cival War: Captain America and Friends is a 2.5 hour trailer for upcoming movies and toy lines, which you can spend your money on soon, Thor willing. The fact that everyone clearly remembers the actions of Spider-Man and Ant-Man–2 characters which have zero reason to appear in this film–but are hazy on all else, speaks to how truly lightweight this piece of Hollywood fluff turns out to be.

Other bits of Marvel lore being crammed into this production include angry Black Panther guy who.. made a custom supersuit in a couple days, or had it before, or.. does he have powers, or is it just the suit? I have no idea, but apparently you're just supposed to know these things. Scarlet Witch, whose powers and backstory are still a mystery to me after three film appearances. The god-like Vision who.. wasn't enough, so they needed Spider-Man to help because.. sequels? And the rest.

Oh, and Captain America is in there, too! In this Captain America film! I'm glad that they could find space for him somewhere.

As a huge fan of The Winter Soldier–my favorite Marvel film, by far–I was eagerly anticipating seeing the continuation of the story and characters which were set up there. While that continuation is in this film, for about 10 minutes, it is quickly shoved aside for gripping political drama!! Will Captain America sign the piece of paper that Robert Downey Jr wants him to sign or not?! That's clearly enough drama to sustain this Hulk (MIA) of a film! This paper was the authorization for Robert Downey Jr's paycheck, I think. Ultimately the baddie behind it all is.. well I'm not sure who they were.. a Marvel executive producer, I think? I had to ask my comic-savvy friend, but they weren't sure who they were, either.

And, of course, there's the scene where everybody punches everybody else in the face and they all fall down. I was so bored during this scene, because the stakes were so low and ill-defined, that I nearly left to freshen my drink, but thought that something substantive must happen, right? It didn't. But at least a lot of CGI animators have something to put on their resumes, now. It was good for the economy!

In short, this film may interlock with the entire sprawling MCU (Major Cash Utility), but it is not very enjoyable as a standalone production, unless your definition of enjoyment is watching CGI people get punched in the face and argue about political referendums. It's big and noisy for a while, a lot of people are there, and it just sort of ends without anything being accomplished. Maybe I should have watched Congress on C-SPAN, instead?

Oh, and "Spider-Man Will Return." I am literally shocked with surprise. I didn't see that coming.

2 years ago


Was good, certainly better than Age Of Ultron. Was expecting it to suffer from crowding in too many superheros, but it didnt and they got it spot on.

2 years ago


Spidey and antman stole the show!!!

2 years ago

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