The Thing (1982)

Scientists in the Antarctic are confronted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of the people that it kills.


Awesome movie and the overall atmosphere is great. The characters paranoia and mistrust with each another is really compelling viewing.

7 years ago


I used to own The Thing on VHS and watched it many times. I considered it to be one of my absolute favourite movies. I was young then, just turned twenty perhaps, and it is deeply mysterious to me that watching it now, more than ten years past, I can't seem to get as much into it as I used to. It is not the familiarity of it, as I didn't remember who turns when or any of that, but there is some vital ingredient missing, which didn't bother me when I was younger. Perhaps it is the lack of character development. I must have seen this movie a dozen times or more and I still can't remember any characters traits or mannerisms, or even their names except Kurt Russel's MacReady. The special effects are still impressive, the somber Morricone score still lends atmosphere and John Carpenter certainly knows how to stage memorable scenes and how to build tension. A good movie to be sure, and every horror buff owns it to themself to see this one at least once, but it was not the masterpiece I remembered from days gone by.

4 years ago


My favourite horror movie! The atmosphere is excellent, the FX are amazing, no CGI bullshits, only models and puppets. Kurt Russel and Keith David are awesome.
One of best Carpenter's movies.

5 years ago

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