Wong Kar Wai's most underappreciated.

Has anyone in the history of cinema ever looked as effortlessly cool as Michelle Reis does here?

11 years ago


I found that this picture was more aesthetically pleasing than really good. The narrative isn't very interesting, nor are the characters. You'd better watch it when you're a teenager and still find killers "cool".

2 years ago


Kar Wai Wong's Fallen Angels… I've mentioned how much I like this man's work before, and his usual style is on show here - rich colors, lush eroticism, a focus on character rather than story - but somehow funnier than usual, especially Takeshi Kaneshiro's mute shop invader. And it seems like the casting always includes a girl to fall in love or lust with, in this case, Michelle Reis' character. And I have to find that soundtrack somewhere…

4 years ago

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