Well, George Bailey, I'm afraid that this movie has a harder time transcending cultural boundaries… I find that a lot of Eastern Europeans love this movie and most Americans don't and I think that's because this movie is so grounded in its historical context - one really needs to know stuff about the Stalinist purges to understand what happens in this movie and especially all the back story that is talked about, as well as the cultural nuances and the ambivalence of the many characters: e.g. the great Soviet leader who permits his wife's many relatives to live in a sheltered bubble of pre-revolution nostalgia - they live in Chekhov's world, and if caught they would be sent to Siberia or even executed in the blink of an eye as enemies of the people, enemies of the revolution, etc.

8 years ago


This is one of the best Russian movies after the collapse of the USSR.

7 years ago

George Bailey

Well. I don't know almost nothing about Stalin and the whole russian part in the WWII :( I might rewatch it because that there was something wrong with me and not the film because there were some things that I loved about the film

8 years ago

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