The Overnight (2015)

Alex, Emily, and their son, RJ, are new to Los Angeles. A chance meeting at the park introduces them to the mysterious Kurt, Charlotte, and Max. A family “playdate” becomes increasingly interesting as the night goes on.


The Overnight has a couple from Seattle (Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling) moving into a Los Angeles neighborhood and soon invited to a rich libertine couple's house (these played by Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godrèche) for an "expanding" dinner party. Just like the hosts aren't what the couple expects, this film isn't the awkward screwball comedy you think YOU'LL get as it eventually turns into an unpredictably honest sexual drama, with well drawn characters that defy typification. (And still some awkward screwball comedy, I want to stress.) I try to keep spoilers to a strict minimum in my reviews, especially if I think a film is worthy of your attention, but even without giving details, I feel like simply putting these words to keyboard, I'm ruining some of the surprise. Then again, I can see such a film get flack for not delivering what it seems to advertise, maybe I'm doing you (and it) a favor.

4 years ago


You guys smoke weed, right?

4 years ago


An unpredictable movie with enjoyable lead performances. At first you're set up to think certain characters fall into certain archetypes, but as the movie paints a fuller portrait, you realize that this movie is not what it seems on the surface.

5 years ago

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