I'm surprised nobody pointed out the beautiful metaphore with children that occured throughout the whole movie. To me, it was the most interesting aspect of the film; how the protagonists looked at those kids and all the nostalgia and regrets that came with it. That, and the editing, what wonderful job! I agree that the themes have been better carried by ''Unforgiven'', but we mustn't forget that ''The Whild Bunch'' was made 23 years earlier.

We all dream of being a child again, even the worst of us. Perhaps the worst most of all.

5 years ago

Unit 731

Best western ever made. Hands down. I think that Sergio Leone westerns are good fun and they are my personal favorites, but I think TWB has much more to offer and say.

A lot of you sorry folk like to break it down to just gunfights when it offers so much more. Sure the movie starts and ends with probably few of the biggest bloodbaths on screen, but the middle acts are also important. The incredible ending wouldn't have that impact if we didn't see how the western mythology deteriorates around these men whose time is long gone by.

The themes and characters are just so plain Peckinpah and I love every second of it. I also love the acting throughout the movie, but I have to admit Warren Oates' character is my favorite. IMO he was one of the greatest character-actors there ever was.
There is that great feeling watching a Peckinpah film, when he invites you into his bleak and cynical world ran by twisted men.

If they move, kill 'em

7 years ago


not boring!

9 years ago

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