Le rayon vert (1986)

a.k.a Summer

A lonely Parisian woman comes to terms with her isolation and anxieties during a long summer vacation.


A nice movie about a person not socially mature. Sometimes the continuous introspection was too much, but I hung in there and was pleasantly rewarded. Life can be very complicated between one's own ears. Enjoy!

4 years ago


I am this movie

8 years ago

Rene Narciso

I probably identify with the protagonist a little too much. I was very much like her, before I met my wife. For lonely, socially awkward people, vacations and holidays can be the worst part. You so want to have something special happening to you, but as the days pass, you become more and more mired in your solitude, more desperate to find someone, and more offputting and weird, in a vicious circle. The movie captures that sense of helpless frustration pretty well. And that is exactly why it can be hard to watch sometimes.

a year ago

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