A feast for the eyes, and for the soul.

3 years ago


It shares with The Secret of Kells the basic concept of a young boy adventuring into the world of Celtic mythology, though here the backdrop is updated to the modern day. The film benefits from beautiful animation and design, blending simple animation techniques with CGI effects. With most animation being 3D CGI these days this gives a fresh feeling to the film, and continues the distinctive style used in The Secret of Kells. Where the film is less successful is the story: it takes a while to set up the main plot, and the quest narrative throws up encounters that aren't always engaging or particularly logical. It does all come to a reasonably satisfying conclusion and there is decent (though too obvious) use of the trope where the "real-world" events are parralleled by the fantasy narrative.

4 years ago


This is one of the best animation films I've ever seen. Great visuals, very nice soundtrack and also good plot. I strongly recommend it, it's something different from what we're being offered in the theatres nowadays. Too bad it didn't get the Oscar, but hey, I should really be used to the Academy style by now, doh.

3 years ago

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