The favourite Holmes film of Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss, the creators of the BBC Sherlock series. You can see its influence strongly in their adaptation.

4 years ago


This is just an absolutely amazing movie!

Of course it's twice the fun for me since I love Sherlock Holmes and especially the BBC "Sherlock" series - actually didn't expect this movie to be that great, I just watch anything Holmes-related I can get my hands on… but this is surely entertaining even for people who are not Sherlock freaks.

It's hilariously funny and at times also very touching… also loved the nice landscape shots, very beautiful.

The chemistry between Holmes and Watson is great; Robert Stephens and Colin Blakely were amazing in their roles and it was also really lovely to see Christopher Lee as Mycroft. Wonderful dialog and beautiful acting. I'd recommend this movie to everyone!

4 years ago


Anarchist midgets dressed up as little girls. YAY!

6 years ago

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