Better Call Saul (2015)


Season 1: Better Call Saul Season 1 takes place 6 years before the events of Breaking Bad, before there even was a crooked lawyer called Saul Goodman. In the first episode, we are pushed in the deep end, not knowing where we are, who all these characters might be, or what they were going on about. It's almost too opaque. Episode 2 was perhaps the strongest of the season, clarifying where Jimmy (that's Saul's real name) was and just how far (or how little) he had to go before meeting his destiny. Like Walter White before/after him, Jimmy is a man trying to do good by doing bad, and on the road to corruption. This will also be Mike Ehrmantraut's prequel, and likewise for him. And there may be other characters and locations from Breaking Bad who show up, but expect to invest in many new characters who aren't around in six years. Uh-oh. There's some extra underlying tension there. The producers talk a good game about this show having its own tone, etc., but whatever the variations are, this is very much of the Breaking Bad universe, and if you liked one, you'll like the other. (And I can't wait until we have both series side-by-side to inform one another and create a different viewing experience for Breaking Bad.)

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