Alright, alright, alright…..listen, man.
Constant references to this film as a "Stoner film" and "Teen-flick" are making people forget the real meaning of the film. It represents the nostalgic aura of a hazy and frustrated past, ineffable emotions expressed through drugs, partying and idle activities. Ideals for which films like Stand by Me and American Graffiti represent as well, only this film has much more edgy vibe.
This is what a cult film looks like.

6 years ago

Tiago Costa

A day in the lives of a group of teenagers in the Summer of '76. The way Milla licks a joint. Randy "Pink" Floyd, the movie character I always wanted to be. Erotic-Abe-Lincoln dreams. A Neo-McCarthyism pledge-sheet. Slater-alligator. Never tell your friends to take it easy on your kid brother. Making a bong in shop-class. Alright you Freshman fucks listen up. War stories from your teacher. Running to protect your ass. O'Bannion is a dumb-shit and a piss-poor choice to play the next Batman. Mel's Soul Pole. Ducks on a pond. Having your mommy save your ass. Air-raid you little Freshman bitches. A spit-or-swallow marriage proposal. The worst fuckin' time for the keg-of-beer delivery guy to show up at your door. Kev's party would've been the shit. KISS-ass statue painting. Getting your ass beat, but making a friend in the process. The way Mitch touches his nose and plays with his hair. Matthew fuckin' McConaughey as Wooderson. A 454 turbo-jet engine. I wish Nicky fuckin' Katt acted more. The ultimate payback; paint-job style. Party at the Moon Tower. Writing a check your mouth can't cash. Kickin' ass and drinkin' beer. Imagining how many people are out there fucking right at this moment. The every-other-decade theory. A dominant-male-monkey-mother-fucker kicks your ass. Forgetting you have a girlfriend. George Washington smoked weed and was into aliens. Tips to get you laid. Smokin' a joint on the 50 fuckin' yard line. Marijuana on one. Reefer on two. Gettin' busted by the cops. Pink does it his own fuckin' way. Mitch's get-out-of-jail-free card. What a first fuckin' day of summer. I've seen Dazed more than any other film. The soundtrack is fuckin' flawless. I quote this film without realizing it in random conversations. Dazed is one of the top reasons I am who I am. Bravo Richard Linklater!

5 years ago


These kids smoke too much weed, man.

8 years ago

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