Død snø 2 (2014)

a.k.a Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

The gruesome Nazi Zombies are back to finish their mission, but our hero is not willing to die. He is gathering his own army to give them a final fight.


Dead Snow from 2009 I thought was a very fun and entertaining zombie film filled with a lot of funny gags and gore, and to my suprise this sequel was even better. Dead Snow 2 takes all the gags, gore, insanity and ofcurse nazi-zombies of the original and turns it up to 11. Everything a horror-sequel sould do. Completely insane, hilarious and fun and I would go all in and call it the best Nazi-zombie movie of all time :)

I have a feeling that both of these films are going to gain some cult-status among zombie-fans in the future and with good reason. So, good job Norway :)

4 years ago


Didn't watch the first and don't think it's necessary to be able to enjoy this. The RT rating convinced me to watch and I'm glad I did. Laughed a lot! The main actor is so on point with his movements and expressions I found that he really made the type of comedy work.

4 years ago


Very funny zombie movie! I liked that there were more english speaking characters in the movie. That made it also a little bit easier to understand what was going on without subtitles.

5 years ago

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