Koroshi no rakuin (1967)

a.k.a Branded to Kill

After botching his latest assignment, a third-ranked Japanese hit man becomes the target of another assassin.


This film is far too unique to be simply written off as crap.

Suzuki's style, especially in editing is so erratic it appears clumsy at first. His blatant disregard for basic cinematic rules in many of his films will certainly be off putting for a lot of viewers but he's not the first Japanese director to be so cavalier. This is the 3rd film of his I've seen and his eccentric sensibilities work for this oddball storyline.

Hey, it's good enough for Jarmusch to pay homage to.

8 years ago


This movie really had me craving some hot, boiled rice.

4 years ago


Wow, I was really impressed by this. One of the better Japanese movies I have seen.

10 years ago

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