J.C. Chandor continues to amaze me. He shows a extremely high standard in his, now 3 feature films (All is Lost and Margin Call). Like its 2 predecessors, A Most Violent Year is very well-written and based on the simple idea to use only exactly what's needed with great timing in all the aspects of the film - very well-balanced pace and tension, and solid cinematography and camerawork. Topped with fine acting performances it makes ‘A most Violent Year’ a very fine piece and one of the better ones from 2014 in my opinion.

I really look forward to follow this upcoming director (Which is already better than most) in the years to come.

6 years ago


Brilliantly acted and meticulously crafted in its simplicity and bare-bones storytelling, to the point where this highly technical style could be mistaken by some as emotionally distant and cold. A Most Violent Year is unashamedly indebted to There Will Be Blood in more ways than the superficial story similarities, but yet adds enough unique and at times genuinely surprising twists to the tale to warrant your undivided attention, and it doesn't hurt that Chastain delivers a powerhouse performance which has been unfairly overlooked in awards season. Chandor makes it three from three and is turning into a fascinating director to watch develop.

6 years ago


Much better than the trailer. The film has a tremendous flow, pace and tension.

My first comment on ICM for a while, a credit to this movie.

6 years ago

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