Such a cute movie :-)

3 years ago


A pleasant enough animated feature about a rat with culinary prowess who helps a cook with absolutely none keep his job in a Paris restaurant kitchen. It was 19th on my list to watch, 105th on iCheck's most liked. While the necessary gag that the rat can control a human being by pulling on his hair, like some kind of human mech, seems contrived, the Brad Bird script is more focused and coherent than some of the Pixar films I've had to watch lately, and I like how it doesn't dumb anything down - we're in France so there's untranslated French script everywhere, a character gets drunk, and the film doesn't shy away from showing dead rats. Between this and the nostalgic power of food, Ratatouille is, in fact, probably one of Disney's most adult films in this style. The critic's summation at the end makes it worth watching at the very least.

4 years ago


A lovely animated movie. The story is so sweet, the animation is great, the food at the restaurant looks so tasty :) seriously, it's worth watching and really entertaining.

5 years ago

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