Move over Clint Eastwood, move over Bruce Willis, move over Arnold Schwarzenegger….best line ever: "Frif Kokain, Schlappschwanz!" or for us English folk: "Eat some cocaine, you limp-dick!"

3 years ago


Superb! See probably the first supervillain in the history of cinema arise. And what a guy he is: scientist, mafia boss, player and criminal lunatic in one single package.

Don't worry about the length of the film, the 4 1/2 hours are split in two parts and the pace is astoundingly high throughout for a film from 1922. There are even shootouts and an exploding car (!) in the action. What more could you wish for?

4 years ago


I enjoyed this movie. I was drawn into the movie to see what would happen next. Watched in 2 sittings. Great ending. Probably the first super criminal in cinema.

3 years ago

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