The first thing you'll notice about this film is the beautiful cinematography. The run time, which is just over 1 and a half hours, is full of long, gorgeous shots of the lake and the woods surrounding it. The fact that the entire story takes place at this lake also adds an air of mystique to the proceedings, creating a moody atmosphere.
However, this proves not to be enough to carry the film, as it still seems rather slow throughout. The dialogue is trite and there's hardly any characterization, leaving the motivations of the subjects rather vague.
There is gratuitous nudity but almost no violence, or any action (other than several sex scenes) until the last twenty minutes.
In the end, the fact that this film is merely 'good', when it had the potential to be 'great', is somewhat maddening.

3 years ago


An infuriating ending.

4 years ago

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