Brilliantly sumptuous style that perfectly captures a society trapped in a circle of perennial self-indulgence, which stifles any meaningful human value. A portrait of utter decadence without become itself decadent is not an easy coup and Sorrentino's film fully succeeds in it by subtly maintaining a notion of human loss . A modern classic with many memorable, superbly imagined and executed scenes.

6 years ago


Stunning story and cinematography. Lots of lush colours and a marvellous fluid camera. Great performances, too.

I understand the comparisons to La Dolce Vita and 8 1/2, but I don't think that saying that this is better or worse than Fellini's works is quite fair. The similarities are there, but The Great Beauty is its own thing.

5 years ago


Beautiful, stylish and lush cinematography with a very dreamlike narrative that guides you into a rich and poetic discourse about life, love and death. For some, however, it might come off as shallow, as the pretty surface to an empty shell, but I thought of it as both a gorgeous and thought-provoking film.

6 years ago

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