Very good noir! Definitely an inspiration for all Oceans casino robbing movies

9 years ago


The comment about there being should definitely be spoiler tagged or removed, it pretty much gives away the ending of a really enjoyable film.

7 years ago


Melville tries so hard to emulate the classic American film noirs of the 40s and 50s that he was obsessed with that he almost derails this smart little heist film by piling every stylistic trick he can think of, and quite a lot he didn't, into every frame. It does work though after a fairly uninvolving opening half, dominated by clumsy editing and some weak performances (especially under-age Isabelle Corey, who looks great naked but can't act at all), it's saved by an increasingly gripping second half lead by the charismatic leading performance by Roger Duchesne as the heist is planned and the net closes in. The end section is excellently shot and pleasingly different. Worth taking the gamble.

9 years ago

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