The Greatest Showman (2017)

The story of American showman P.T. Barnum, founder of the circus that became the famous traveling Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.


I friggin loved every second of it. I've been listening on the soundtrack on repeat for a week now.

a year ago


Because it's a showy musical, The Greatest Showman really shouldn't be criticized for its lack of accuracy as if it were a garden-variety biopic. I've read those complaints, and rather thought P.T. Barnum's portrayal was nevertheless well balanced, even fictionalized as he was. And since he was known as a bit of a con man, the hokum involved is completely within the realm of the appropriate. I liked the songs, but it's the choreography of each set piece that really fascinates, incorporating various circus tricks to provide things we've not seen in a musical before, and following Barnum's own show business strategy of showcasing unusual abilities. The film also has a strong message about the dangers of success in the showbiz world, while also encouraging people to put themselves out there, whatever their talents might be. A nice combination of inspiration and warning, wrapped in a beautiful-looking package.

2 years ago


The story wasn't great and the depiction of PT Barnum wasn't exactly accurate, but those aren't the reasons you watch a musical. The music is fun, even if it wasn't what I expected. As someone else pointed it, it's a strange mesh of 1800s aesthetic and modern music. But I actually thought that was fun and unique instead of being a bad thing. The choreography was a lot of fun to watch, too. The bar scene between Jackman and Efron and the trapeze scene with Efron and Zendaya were my two favorite parts of the movie. Sure, the story is predictable, but musicals aren't exactly known for having deep twist-and-turn plots. If you just relax and enjoy the spectacle - like you might do at a circus - it's a fun movie.

a year ago

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