I thought this was a great movie. A great find after all these years. The last movie for Gable and Monroe, and maybe their best emotional acting. All the characters are broken and flawed, drinking their pain away. That might have been the case in their real lives. Highly recommend.

4 years ago


Last films for both Gable and Monroe. Monroe's tragically confused character in the film is how I imagine she was in life, at this time. Apparently, the shoot was dysfunctional and awash in alcoholism from the director on down. Good film and a great piece of film history.

8 years ago


The Misfits is both Marilyn Munroe and Clark Gable's last completed film, and it's hard not to get a pang of sadness when they toast to living forever in one particular scene. When I first saw it in Film History class, it was sold to us as the "last western", chronicling the end of a cinematic era as tastes changed going into the 1960s. But it says goodbye to more than that. It's a farewell to the man's man represented by Gable's aging cowboy, now living in a world where divorce and independent women are possible. A kinder, more empathetic world where his way of life is overtly brutal, cruel, and pointless, and where his rugged charm fails him, he and his sidekick (Eli Wallach) bristling at the thought of being emasculated by the situation. But it'S Marilyn you care about, a woman trying to disentangle herself from the simple role of love interest, and giving such a melancholy performance, your heart goes out to her, and your tears follow it right out of your eyes. Her own screen persona is examined, and behind it we find a sad woman, rejecting what has gone before. Last western? It signals the end of a lot more film tropes than those of that one genre, sometimes with nostalgia, sometimes with necessary modernity.

a year ago

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