Barton Fink (1991)

A renowned New York playwright is enticed to California to write for the movies and discovers the hellish truth of Hollywood.


Goodman was terrific. Casting was spot on. John Turturro was an unconventional choice for the lead actor. Good, enjoyed every bit of it.

9 years ago


Writer's block as hell, and Hollywood as damnation. The Coens are in complete control of their craft here, and create a film in which the viewer feels the frustration and bewilderment and oppression of the protagonist. The ending scene is unexpectedly emotionally overwhelming.

One of the two or three best things the Coens have done, and an absolute masterpiece.

10 years ago


Script, directing, cinematography, casting, acting - everything spot on. A dark, mesmerizing, underrated gem of cinema and one of the best from the Coens.

7 years ago

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