Fantastic daringly original film, full of visual ingenuity and with truly chilling, hilarious and beautiful scenes. Though the story is a little underexplored, the dialogue is brilliant and for what is essentially five guys in a field with some cheap effects and period props and costumes, this is an amazing film.

6 years ago


Another strong (and suitably weird) entry for Ben Wheatley's filmography. I recommend seeing it at the cinema if possible, although it is a strange feeling coming home with the knowledge I could catch its television debut under an hour later.

6 years ago


I''ve been a bit less than tepid toward Ben Wheatley's films, but this, this comes so close to greatness. It tips toward lesser at about the halfway point. It remains interesting, but boy it comes close to real horror, real art, and fantastic cinema. Still, one of the better films I've seen this year, but not the instant classic it came so close to being.

6 years ago

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