Two words: Fake Baby.

4 years ago


this shit got nominated to best film? no way.

4 years ago


This felt rushed. They tried to squeeze in half of Kyles lifetime into one movie, and were just quickly jumping all over the place. They glossed over big parts of his life, especially the supporting cast. I also got no feel for Kyle as a person, which gives the movie little impact. Didn't care enough about anyone in this movie. I feel like this movie had been better off trying to narrow it's focus, give him more screen time with his family, or maybe his company in the army. This just didn't feel right in any sense. Doesn't focus on anything, and just ends up falling flat. There are some good action scenes in there, with just the right amount of grittiness and violence, but it doesn't help when you don't care about what happens to any of the characters.

4 years ago

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