This film would have been so much better if it had focused a little more on Elsa and her storyline.

5 years ago


People say it's something different, but I think it's still a typical Disney.

5 years ago


Someone mentioned that Beck shouldn't do more work "for the sake of every Disney fan." This person does NOT speak for every Disney fan. Let it Go has become one of my absolute favorite Disney songs. Generally, the score was below the typical Disney standard, but that one song went a long way in compensating for it.

In regards to the "African" music - there is no African music. The weird sounding thing in the beginning and the end is basically Saami yoiking (with a backup choir based on a hymn), which is a Norwegian cultural thing. I know this because I am Norwegian. For a film based on a Scandinavian fairy tale, set in a Scandinavian environment, this music couldn't have been more fitting.

To me, it's clear that Disney put an unexpected amount of research into this, and I was generally impressed by all the details in regards to Norwegian culture and mythology; everything from trolls, to Kristoff's clothes, to the mention of "gløgg" and "lutefisk" (a horrible dish which you should never ever taste, btw) and the use of the Norwegian Fjord Horse. I went into the cinema expecting to be disappointed, but I left the cinema smiling, surprisingly pleased and content.

And the animation? Stunningly beautiful. They captured the winter landscape perfectly. I already know I'm gonna watch this film several times.

Edit: Since then, I've watched it more than twice. After my second viewing I actually liked it even better, noticing more brilliant details and, once I'd gotten more used to it, appreciated the music more. I think it's a good quality that a film gets better after multiple viewings, instead of just boring. Brava, Disney. Brava.

5 years ago

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