Last Vegas (2013)

Three sixty-something friends take a break from their day-to-day lives to throw a bachelor party in Las Vegas for their last remaining single pal.


We need movies like this due to different demographics and the fact that we get to see great ensemble work. It's not perfect, but it was patchily entertaining.

3 years ago


Fulfills every promise made by the trailers. If there ever was a predictable movie, this is it. The jokes are pretty much what you would expect; the actors are old and portray characters lamenting in various ways about them growing old. They go on an adventure to Vegas as they desperately grasp for their younger selves. Cue age related jokes. Continue jokes until The end.

I liked the for it's comedic touches but it was essentially pointless filler. The movie wasn't completely bad imho, it just wasn't good. Perhaps you can't compensate a weak script with high caliber actors? Everyone involved most likely saw this as a nice paycheck and a chance to hang out with friends in the business, nothing more.

It was mildly entertaining, slightly humorous, somewhat endearing but overall it can be summed up as well below average. I wasn't upset or annoyed from watching it, but the same could be said if I hadn't watched it. I'll admit I was a bit disturbed by the , bothered a bit by the overly large amount of times it is mentioned and even utilized in a major scene with Kevin Kline late in the movie.

I imagine the harsher comments made are from younger people. It's possible that the older the viewer is, the more acceptable the movie becomes.

Not exactly recommended, but if it should happen to come your way, you don't have to avoid it.

5 years ago


Lightweight and predictable but entertaining and funny comedy with 4 great actors clearly having fun

3 years ago

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