Wonder Woman (2017)

An Amazon princess comes to the world of Man in the grips of the First World War to confront the forces of evil and bring an end to human conflict.


Pros: some terrific fight sequences, lots of charisma from Gadot and Pine, and some good fish-out-of-water humor when Diana hits London.

Cons: endless, nonsensical magical fight scene to close out the film; Steve Trevor's boring, stereotypical "squad of misfits"; long speeches about the dual nature of man that were already cliche 50 years ago.

Worth my $11 to see, but I'm surprised this has been such a critical darling.

4 years ago



4 years ago


Given the critical praise I expected this to be a solid entry into the DC universe but really it's completely average and God was the lovey dovey bits soo unnecessary. It is too much to ask for a female character that doesn't become all gooey around a lead male :(

4 years ago

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