Several films have tried to depict the emotions arousing from the first love but few have managed to do as intensely and forensically as this film. Kechiche shoots the film almost exclusively using close-ups that capture almost every emotional undulation like an invisible oscilloscope of the soul. He richly depicts the emotional landscape of his heroine, Adèle, how her sensibilities grow and get attuned until the ruthless intrusion of reality.

Kechiche, always an astute social observer, does not harbour any illusions regarding the importance of social and cultural determinants in a relationship and clearly shows that love cannot overcome indefinitely the social barriers unlike the cinematic barriers that this magnificent film has succeeded so well in exploring and at times transcending. The work of a master.

6 years ago


I loved how that ending was the exact opposite of what we would have precieved. The close ups truely highlighted the intensity of the actors' emotions.

6 years ago

Joker of Gotham

The movie is an independent drama/romance of 3 hours long, this movie is so fantastic, so realistic, the details are well deliver, the two main females are fantastic, the chemistry is so real, Léa Seydoux is fantastic, Adèle Exarchopoulos is amazing, really beautiful, if she was in holywood she would be another Jennifer Lawrence or even better.
The sex scenes despite of be one of the better that I´ve ever seen in a movie, there are essential to the story and to the progess of the movie.
In the end you feel for the characters, and you realize the you were become really attached with the movie.

6 years ago

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