The political thriller elements work well and feel refreshing in the context of a superhero film, but as the story progresses the level of goofiness increases along with the level of CGI, with the finale being an uninspired CGI filled "race against time to complete an arbitrary task." In fact the two best action scenes are the one on a ship and a car chase that both occur early on in the film and are mainly achieved with practical effects.
The political commentary is rather muddled and paranoid but its presence is interesting.
Overall, slightly above average for a blockbuster superhero movie and decent though unimpressive in filmmaking terms.

5 years ago


Probably too long for its own good. Still, much better than the first one, that's for sure.

5 years ago


What a surprise!!!! A much better sequel. Really entertaining with some stand out action scenes and good cast with Robert Redford leading the way.

5 years ago

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