The Long Goodbye (1973)

Detective Philip Marlowe tries to help a friend who is accused of murdering his wife.


The best part of this movie was Arnold out of nowhere.

7 years ago


Robert Altman's reinvention of noir stereotypes in The Long Goodbye is fantastic. Marlowe is much more interesting as the bumbling, friendly, clueless detective, than the grizzled cynic of 1940's detective fiction. Not to mention the dazzling finale, music and use of red herrings and misdirection. A must-see movie that's absurdly under-rated.

5 years ago

Fester the Sloth

Ha, ha. He's got a girl, I got a cat.
Now this is what i'd call a "cool" film. Awesome all around, Gould's performance is excellent. Entertaining, well written, and wonderfully executed by Altman. Love the soundtrack and the humour too.

6 years ago

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