Very good cinematography and directing. This is truly a fine film. However I do not think it is a masterpiece. It is raw, beautiful and brutal but there is a lack of development in characters which left me irritated. No doubt impressive performances by Ejiofor and Fassbender, but unfortunately for them, their characters and talents doesn't get challenged enough. So even though they put up very good performances you kind of feel like they got away with it easy. Which is too bad. There is to much "look how slavery was on the outside" instead of telling us the story through the characters and their development.
Before I sound too grumpy I will say that its definitely one of the better films this year.

6 years ago


Eh Mr Zimmer you're supposed to write new music not just reheat your Inception rift in a completely different type of film.

6 years ago


Honestly I was kind of disappointed with this film. Yes, the story is horrifying (in a good, REAL way), and the acting was okay (not as mindblowing as I had heard it was going to be), but the title is kind of misleading… it felt like 12 days/months a slave rather than 12 years. It felt rushed while at the same time being rather long, if that makes sense? Basically the passing of time felt unnatural. At the end I almost wondered how the hell Solomon had managed to stay 12 years . Good film, with an incredibly important subject that really needs to be remembered, but it just wasn't amazing.

6 years ago

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