More bizarre than scary, but still awesome… And I agree that the word "intense" pretty much describes perfectly large parts of the second half.

Only thing that drags it down is the poor/weird acting by some of the "teenagers" BUT what it does is add to the surrealism of the whole thing.


9 years ago


A true Horror masterpiece! This is still one of the scariest films I have ever seen. The only trouble is that this film basically created a new genre in Horror that spawned so many imitators that it can be hard to see what made it so special today as so many aspects of the film have become tropes. If you go into the film with the mindset is that it is 1974 and you have never seen anything like it before, then you will have a much better time.

7 years ago


I totally agree with moviewizguy. What especially got to me was her screaming, I'm actually impressed, how does one scream so much without hurting herself?

7 years ago

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