Not just a violent thriller, not just a satire of crappy assassin flicks, but a little of both, with an actual plot and depth to it. Really enjoyable and engaging, and most definitely worth watching.

6 years ago


It is hard for me to express how much a masterpiece Quintin Tarantino's Kill Bill movies are in condensed words. The director gives great quality to the influences in his film, Uma Thurman was graceful, yet empowering as the Bride and the fight at the House of Blue Leaves was phenomenal.

2 years ago


This is an awesome movie! Amazing soundtrack(also memorable), great writing with an amazing Tarantino. I loved the blood in the scenes! Almost perfect…

Of course there are some people who don't like the movie because this is not for everyone.

I think it deserve a 9/10.

6 years ago

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