So humane it kills. Powerful stuff. The last shot is so beautiful.

8 years ago


Mister Sabzian is truly one of the most intriguing persons I have ever seen depicted on screen.

10 years ago

Unit 731

Probably one of the most original and unique films ever conceived. Powerful, mesmerizing and nothing short of a masterpiece.

It is incredibly simple and complex at the same time. We have the director's view with the re-enacted scenes and the real, absolutely spellbinding trial footage with Sabzian, who has to be one of the most interesting persons I have ever seen. Really, have you ever heard a poor and unemployed man quote Tolstoy on trial or going all philosophical on his day-to-day sufferings? And it goes even further. Is Sabzian really remorseful at the trial (as he says) or is he acting? One can only wonder.

I figure this movie will grow on one as time passes but it's an instant favorite nevertheless. Blurring the lines between fact and fiction with the combination of real events and dramatization is an achievement itself, but for me the film really felt as real as life and .. I really like that kind of stuff. Also, that brilliant freeze frame with the beautiful music was a terrific way to end the film.

Mhmm… Dat aerosol can scene….

6 years ago

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