I must admit I watched this movie in three etappes, as some sort of wicked series. And I must say I kinda liked it in the end. There is some erotic tension, and Alexandre is just funny in that he talks random bullshit the whole time. A firstclass fuckup, he somehow reminded me of The Big Lebowski, although such a statement will probably anger a lot of people.
The story kinda flows like a slow river, without too much happening. Also, Bernadette Lafont is HOT!

7 years ago


I usually dislike wordy talk a lot films aka Before Sunset and Claire's Knee. But this in spite of the terrible subtitles in the version I watched I think that this is a masterpiece. How absolutely detrimental each character is to each other something to behold. Say what you like greenhorg about anyone who enjoys this movie your a Seinfeld fan. How douchey is that (as well as the word douchey).

6 years ago


I wonder if french people really spoke like that in the 70's of if it's just bad acting ;)

7 years ago

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