Jesus, can these people express one normal human emotion or at least look at each other occasionally when they speak? It's like an Asperger soap opera.

6 years ago


Now I've seen Gertrud I've watched Dreyer's five major films in order, starting with The Passion of Joan of Arc - which was nothing less than exceptional, now one of my very favourite films and my incentive to see the rest of his work. With each film of each decade I've found my tastes and his output have diverged and my admiration for his work lessen and lessen - culminating in Gertrud which I found almost unwatchable. I was uninterested in the interminable conversations about Gertrud's failed romances and idealised love, and a great deal of staring into the middle distance. It said absolutely nothing to me of the actual state of love or heartbreak, internalised to the point of parody, and I hardly cared else about any character as a result. Dreyer's sparse, appropriately dry telling didn't help that. Finally Gertrud herself comes across as arrogant, self-defeating, even delusional in her hopeless quest for a love worthy of her. Some like to call this a masterpiece, presumably because it's largely impenetrable and features Dreyer's usual mastery of the medium, but frankly it bored me senseless.

9 years ago


The mirror scene is just a pure ART !!

7 years ago

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