Rene Narciso

I loved this movie, I think it's a masterpiece, but I sorta understand how it may be disappointing to some.

I think it really helps if you don't think of it as a comedy. There are plenty of funny bits, but it's not a movie to make you laugh.

It's actually closer to a musical. Some huge, elaborated, complex musical, with magnificent sets, but the song and dance numbers are replaced by the chaos of modern urban life itself.

We get both the malignant aspects of modernity (the first part of the movie) and the benign (the second part).

Oh yeah, and this movie needs to be seen in a huge movie theater screen, not at home.

3 years ago


I'm glad I saw Mr. Hulot's Holiday before this, as Tati's style takes some serious getting used to. But once I got what he was doing (about halfway through Holiday), it became a joy. Here we get the same plot-less, character-less stroll through everyday life, with mild sight gags everywhere, and every frame stuffed full of details. It's got almost a silent comedy vibe, only the focus isn't on blunt slapstick, but friendly observations. I think this one is better constructed than Holiday. The glass-walled, technology-driven aesthetic was great. The first act in the building was an absolute blast. The scene with the glass-walled apartment buildings and the televisions was cool too. And the dinner scene, while the most complex and detail-rich, went on a few minutes too long. Loved the carnival finale. I've really never seen anything else like Tati's films, but I'm anxious to see more.

6 years ago


More tedious than funny

8 years ago

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