The Fable Muncher

Visconti's attention to detail pays off with this extravagantly gorgeous epic. The production design and cinematography are close to perfection.

I did feel its length, however. I don't believe this needed to be three hours long. Some smart editing choices could've been made to considerably trim down the film without compromising its tone and spirit.

Nevertheless, it's highly recommended.

8 years ago


Beautifully rich cinematography. Lush interiors and perfect exteriors. The Italian countryside comes to life on screen. It was a little long for my liking but every minute was a feast. I had a hard time following the plot but each scene was wonderfully acted.

6 years ago


Beautiful cinematography and great history about Italian unification, being Don Fabrizio Salina a Prince of a really small Island in the poor Sicily region.. Brilliant!

8 years ago

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