In the lead role, Brigitte Bardot's ass. Brilliant casting.

5 years ago


The saturated colors and incredible cinematography make this beautiful to look at and the soundtrack is rather mesmerizing. It's filled with many stars too (ranging from Bridget Bardot to Jack Palance to the legendary director Fritz Lang). However, the story itself doesn't seem to ever delve deeper than "I don't love you" "Why don't you love me?" "Because I don't"

8 years ago

Jumping Elephant

Pretentious, but not off-putting; Boring, but overall beautiful. More style than substance. Who was it that said the subtleties of film almost always go unnoticed? I can't remember, but it's something Godard should probably take to heart. This is only my second Godard film, after Vivra sa vie (to which I caught a not-so-subtle reference), but I liked that one much more… this one I give a 5/10.

7 years ago

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