Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker has a great title which it can't possibly live up to. That said, it may be worth watching because it is such a bizarre piece of cult cinema. It seems that after making a career of sitcoms and beach movies, director William Asher decided it was a good lateral move to do a crazy slasher/incest flick that looks and sounds like a TV movie, but for the content, where Susan Tyrrell gives a demented performance as the Aunt May who won't let her nephew move away even if it means killing the whole town, in competition with Bo Svenson for who will chew the most scenery - he's a bad (and insanely homophobic) cop on the edge, practically crashing in from another movie. Variable performances abound, including a pretty ropy one from pre-Newhart Julia Duffy as the girlfriend. Between the murderous mayhem, the suggestions of incest and the cop's rampant homophobia, it's a very ugly story. Worth watching, warts and all, if you're into that kind of thing, but you've been warned.

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