"Not as bad as I expected," seems to be a recurring theme of response to Edge of Tomorrow. Well I don't have money to throw away on intentionally disappointing films.

Based on word of mouth or trusted critics, I decide whether to see a movie (1) in a first-run, 3-D, IMAX theater after a steak, (2) in a $5 second-run house with a box of smuggled Junior Mints, (3) on a scratched DVD borrowed from the library, or (4) interrupted by commercials on broadcast TV. Okay, I employ other nuanced tiers of discernment, but you appreciate the gist of the economic scale.

I paid for three people to watch Edge of Tomorrow in its initial release. No 3-D. No IMAX. I downed an overpriced box of dark chocolate Raisinettes before the previews finished. I watched a man repeat the worst day of his life about fifty times… and I didn't get bored. I saw Tom Cruise play iterations of the same character across a broad spectrum of emotion and thought "okay, he's got some acting chops." I was impressed (but not browbeaten to exhaustion) by character design and FX spectacle. Afterward, I took a family out for burgers and joined in their conversation about time paradoxes, second chances, and the "gamification" of life.

I didn't regret the cost.

5 years ago


"Surprisingly not terrible." That was what I said to the marketing kid who was in charge of capturing everyone's thoughts as we exited out of the advance screening.

Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers with a bit of Aliens thrown in for good measure. A great blend of action and humor that doesn't take itself too seriously.

I believe the common complaint will be that there just was not enough of Bill "Game Over, Man" Paxton.

5 years ago


I liked the movie. It repeats one day over and over again, but it didn't feel like it was stuck in itself. The repetitive action scenes managed to not be tiring and they worked nicely with the more meaningful scenes that actually advanced the story. My only complain is the very ending, and by that I mean the last less-than-five minutes. I'm not sure if it made any sense to me but maybe I'm just overthinking it. Because even with that, the movie was good fun.

Side note: they picked the wrong song for the end credits. Guh.

5 years ago

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