Utterly crazy, but if you're prepared to go along for the ride entirely fascinating and entertaining, full of dream logic and bizarre violence and humour. In a short prologue we see "ourselves" in a cinema as if in the director's dream. Then Denis Lavant shows off some mighty versatility playing Oscar, a performer, driven around Paris in a stretch limo taking on a range of characters over the course of a day. Why he is performing is never made entirely clear, or for who, he kills and is killed, and resurrected, but there are clues in the dialogue to help you make your own conclusions - the cameras have gotten so small that they are now invisible he says. But it doesn't really matter - to have "answers" seems to contradict Carax's intentions. It's a study of personality, performance, loneliness, watching and being watched, and is challenging and sometimes thrilling cinema that will doubtless enthral and infuriate audiences in equal measure. I loved it.

8 years ago


Poignant, moving, profound: we are all actors and audience in the theatre of life. Except that when we die, grow old, or are born, fall in love, experience that first heartbreak, or hide in the bathroom at a party, there's no going back - for real.

7 years ago


Utterly bewildering, insane, hilarious, illogical, thought-provoking, and engrossing all at the same time. Lavant is marvelous in each role, and had me in a fit of giggles during the cemetery sequence w/Eva Mendes.

8 years ago

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