Holiday Affair is a charming Christmas movie starring Janet Leigh as a widow and single mother caught between a long-standing, reliable beau she is clearly not in love with, and a mysterious and magnetic man who's just come into her life, played by Robert Mitchum. His screen persona is so cool as to be stand-offish, and that adds to his attraction, a man who in other circumstances wouldn't have time for these romcom shenanigans, but hey, it's the holidays. He's still gonna drop atomic truth bombs all over the place and if that's good for Leigh, than so be it. The kid is really good too. The film has a strong dramatic grounding and a lot of heart, which makes the comedy sing. Trains (and other vehicles) loom large because this is really about moving forward from a stopped position. The ghost of Leigh's husband is holding her back, and it's not so much about getting on either Wendell Corey's or Mitchum's "train", as it is getting on a train at all. Christmas is that symbolic time of rebirth, so the perfect season for this textured romance and the choices it inconveniently offers. So have fun over the holidays fighting over whether that last scene happened, could happen, or should happen. I know I will!

a year ago


no singing,no dancing,just a good old fashioned christmas movie with a great cast,Gordon Gebert who plays Timmy is excellent,i loved the movie.

5 years ago

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