The first hour and last 20 minutes were a great thriller. The first action scenes were incredible. And then it turned into something of a mystery and lost its momentum. That said, Tommy Lee Jones does a good job throughout.

8 years ago


A solid action adventure with heart. Harrison Ford is a more grown up action hero in this than in Star Wars and Indiana Jones. His best performance is still Witness, but this is a good film too.

5 years ago


The Fugitive in this movie is Dr. Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) who is falsely convicted of murdering his wife despite claiming that he had witnessed it and fought the murderer himself. While travelling to prison, an accident of the prison-van gives him a chance to run away and prove his innocence. Before that he must face a special task force called US Marshals led by Deputy Samuel Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) appointed to catch him…

The Fugitive has always been a classic and underrated film for me. It has stellar performances from the Ford and Tommy Jones (Won Oscar for his role) and the entire cast. It starts off by Kimble sitting in the police office, trying to explain how it happened. The film editing takes us from Kimble to the actual events of the murder. This is an impressive beginning to the film where the energy "flows" from scene to scene, and never lets go. The film becomes more kinetic when Kimble escapes and when I was expecting another cat-and-mouse chase scenes, I got a brainy thriller (But not confusing) that puts you right on the edge of your seat. The twists are really good, the tense atmosphere created in this film is not what you normally get to see. This film has been a great addition to my teenage memories and still enjoy watching it with my family. It's cliched, yes, but very smartly. And you will be surprised to see how good thrillers can be made even without using profanity!

In conclusion, a nice comforting decent thriller and one of Ford's best movies to date. A must watch on a relaxing weekend with your friends and family!!

I will rate this film 4.8/5.

6 years ago

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