I saw the 160-minute movie, before I realised it was the first part of two. Here goes my sunday.
It's not that bad… nor a pleasure.

5 years ago


This is a great movie. Dialogue is excellent and powerful (sadly, the subtitles are pretty much crap). The film does a great job of creating a subtle, menacing atmosphere. And the acting performances are terrific. Bajapyee and Siddiqui both effortlessly transform into menacing, violent gangsters. In short, an excellent masala western. Haven't seen a gangster film quite this good since Cicade de Deus.

7 years ago

Life as Fiction

Skepticism about Indian films that pop on these lists is sadly merited as most of them are highly mediocre (at best). That doesn't mean good ones to don't sneak in once in a while! Udaan being the prime example (which is written by the director of Gangs of Wasseypur).

8 years ago

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