This was a huge disappointment! Both boring and really bad morals. A man has to prove he is a man, by fighting others and oppressing his wife. Otherwise no one will respect him, least of all his wife, who needs a man who is willing to drag her 5 miles, kicking and screaming. It gets 8/10 on IMDb. Am I missing something?

7 years ago


I know this movie is from the fifties and set in the twenties. I know that it depicts a society with very traditional gender roles. But I just can't laugh off (as the filmmakers clearly hoped audiences would) John Wayne dragging Maureen O'Hara across the ground and then accepting a stick to beat her with. If that's an overly presentist viewpoint, so be it.

4 years ago


Well, guess it's not the 1950s anymore ..

4 years ago

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