Blight (1996)

A short film featuring the voices of those affected when the M11 Link Road in East London was built, accompanied by scenes and sounds of demolition.

John Milton

Wow, I didn't expect much, but this was very impressive indeed! I love what they have done with the relationship between image and sound in this short and they way they have combined music, speech and real world sounds to such an effect…

The building of the M11 Link Road in East London provoked a long and bitter campaign by local residents to protect their homes from demolition. Blight was filmed during this period, while houses were demolished and land cleared. Using recordings made of people's reminiscences, the score incorporate fragments of speech and natural sounds. The film is based on real events which transformed people's lives, but it is much more than a conventional documentary. Enigmatic stories are created and the mundane is transformed into the marvellous. The music and images are woven into an elegiac evocation of memory and loss. Written by Kurzfilmtage - international short film festival Oberhausen

6 years ago


Wow, on 3 lists already! And not even on <400 yet!

3 years ago


More rewarding than you'd expect a short with such a description to be.

5 years ago

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