Great start, but rather overblown by the end. The ending was somewhat lame and the music didn't fit at all–it would have worked for Harry Potter or something. Some good practical effects would have been superior to the cgi, although it wasn't awful, and would have really elevated the creepiness of the film. Mama looked too fake to be frightening, especially in the scenes where she was shown at length in more detail. Considering its strong first half, it was pretty disappointing–kind of like Jeepers Creepers actually.
Also, I'm not sure why everybody keeps mentioning Del Toro, he was just the executive producer. They mainly slapped his name on the credits to help sell the movie.

6 years ago


what you fear most at the beginning of the film turns into something you sympathize with at the end of the film. it was different, I liked it. Absolutely watchable film for the performance of children's players.

a year ago


I have to say I really liked it. It was a little bit too much of a fable (especially at the end) but I still enjoyed it. And the jump scares were pretty decent too.

4 years ago

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