In addition to the excellent stop-motion, I enjoyed this film because I could tell it was made by people who really enjoy horror. It had plenty of tongue-in-cheek references and tropes, but not just for the mainstream popular horror movies! Plenty of cult classics and b-movies had their tributes and nods in this film, which I sincerely appreciated. Like some of the below comments mention, this isn't the world's deepest film, but hey, it's a kids movie! I felt like it had an appropriate level of involvement for its target audience. And yes, it does have some scary moments! But if your kids can handle Coraline, they can handle this, too.

8 years ago


Stunning stop-motion technique with a beautiful story. Characters are amazingly charming; the visual solutions are rapturous.

7 years ago


"That statue just "psst" at us…" Very witty and entertaining film. Great script and voice cast.

5 years ago

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