I think you have to be a Wes Anderson fan already to genuinely enjoy this movie. It was beautifully shot, well acted and captured innocence, adventure, and nostalgia brilliantly. But every line of dialog is utterly flat. Not a single emotion is possessed among the entire cast, except perhaps the villain. When no one in the film cares, I don't either. Welcome to Wes Anderson's world.

6 years ago


I really love Wes Anderson's humour. The subtle comedy he uses make the jokes twice as funny.

4 years ago

Joker of Gotham

It´s not my favourite Wes Anderson movie, but it is a great and beautiful movie with a nice story, with two young but greats actors that did a fantastic job. The movie don´t have the classics actors that Wes uses regulary in his movies, minus Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman that appear in this movie and are classics in Wes movies, after seeing the entire filmography of this wonderfull director and one of my favourites, I can say that this is my fourth favourite movie, being Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou my three top favorites movies of Wes Anderson

7 years ago

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